Theresa U. Michael

Theresa U. Michael Ms. Theresa Uchechukwu Michael has over 17 years active experience in the field of Human Rights Protection and Advocacy, Gender Mainstreaming, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, Governance and Development Assistance in Africa. A long time advisor to the Global Fund for Women, California, she has also served as a Senior Gender Consultant working with international agencies in various parts of Africa, including USAID Nigeria Reform Project, EU-Supported WSSSRP, UNIFEM, Institute of International Education (IIE-IHRIP), Africa University Zimbabwe, International Alert, London. Ms Michael is the Founder of the Women’s Centre for Peace and Development (WOPED), Current President of the Model Mission of Assistance in Africa (MOMI AFRICA), Pioneer National Coordinator of the Global Fund for Women Grantees Network in Nigeria and sits on the board of several other national and regional groups. She received an MA in International Politics and Security from the University of Bradford, UK, a Post Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender and Development from the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, under the auspices of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, a Bachelor of Education in English and literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria, and a Certificate in Public Relations from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos. She is a Fellow of the US Department of State’s Building Grassroots Democracy in Africa in 2000, and an Alumnus of the United States Institute of Peace. She has published many papers and reports, and received awards, honour and recognition for courageous work for gender equality, development and change, including Institute of International Education Grant for the study of the United Nations Human Rights Systems in 1994, Rare Gems Award from UNIFEM and WODEF for gender equality, and the 100-Heroine Award in 1998 for Courageous Contribution to development and change.