Patricia Hynes

Patricia Hynes Professor Hynes is Professor of Environmental Health at Boston University School of Public Health where she works on issues of the urban environment (including lead poisoning, asthma and the indoor environment, safe housing, and urban gardening and agriculture); environmental justice; and feminism. For her writing, teaching, and applied research, she has won numerous awards, including the 2003 National Delta Omega Award for Innovative Curriculum in Public Health; the US EPA Environmental Merit Award for the Lead-Safe Yard Project (2000); and the 1996 National Arbor Day Foundation Book Award for A Patch of Eden: America’s Inner-City Gardeners. She has collaborated with and advised many community-based organizations and non-governmental organizations, including the international Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, and recently served on the Cumulative Risk/Impact Working Group of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council of the US EPA. Professor Hynes works to widen the intersection of the university and the community through community-based research and teaching with the goal of using public health knowledge for education, action and social change. Most recently she has been co-director of the Healthy Public Housing Initiative in Boston funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and numerous foundations and is a director in the Prevention Research Center at BU School of Public Health funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She is also investigating, writing, and speaking on the health effects of war and militarism on women, in particular, and on society.